Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know, I know...

Sorry for the lack of updates guys... you will soon be privvy to what has been taking up all of my time! (it's pretty damn exciting!)

Okay so if you haven't checked out the new comic series from Image yet, "Revival", do so. I am gutted though as all copies in my CITY, yes it is a CITY yet apparently the 3 comic book shops that reside in said city only collectively sold about 5 copies of issue 2, have SOLD OUT. If anyone could let me know of a reliable website to buy a first edition (none of these reprints please!) issue #2?!
Also, when is the next issue of "No Place Like Home" coming out? i have been waiting like 2 months now.

Enough about comics... movie wise I have not been watching as much horror as usual... I know, I am suprised too! I did, however, see an epic movie. Nay, 2 epic movies, and they shall be reviewed soon.

A little something to leave you with, as in November i am going to see Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in concert (should be a horror-ific show), thank you Bloody Disgusting I don't think I would be half as up to date with horror related loveliness if it weren't for you...

Creepy, eh?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grave Encounters (2011)

Director: The Vicious Brothers
Country: Canada/USA
Tagline:   They were searching for proof... they found it
Plot: A Most Haunted style TV crew venture to an abandoned psychiatric hospital and stay over night with cameras rolling.
Verdict: I am a big fan of found footage films, my personal favourite being REC (number 3 out this year!) so I thought I'd give this a go, and it was certainly full of plenty of jumps.
The concept was pretty cool, and could have been an epic found footage playing on the scary reality of a film crew trapped in a haunted house during the night with ghosts playing on their minds. However, unfortunately, the film doesn't quite fulfil it's promise. It is jumpy, yes, and the end reveal is pretty cool... in fact the whole idea behind the haunting is pretty awesome but the way it pans out and (SPOILER) the idea of them actually being trapped in a maze orchestrated by some supernatural force? Meh. That's pretty much all I can say. The exit isn't an exit anymore *yawn* would have been better off making it either a paranoia gets ugly fest or full on slasher in my humble opinion. Still, give it a watch, if you like horror which I am assuming you do because you are reading this, and like all horror watchers we are able to sit through some pretty awful shit...

Friday, April 20, 2012


Okay so I was trailing through Bloody Disgusting and discovered that they are re-mastering and re-releasing this sites namesake film - Demons and Demons 2. PLUS, get this, there is going to be a two part comic series entitled Demons 3. Check out a 5 page preview of the comic on the Bloody Disgusting website (linked above).
Can I just say though... What the actual fuck?

Definite must read.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frozen (2010)

Director: Adam Green
Country: USA
Tagline:  With 30 million skiers and snowboarders in the US and over 5000 chairlifts in operation, its only a matter of time before someone gets left behind
Plot: Three twenty-somethings blag their way onto a chair lift for the last ski of the day, but unluckily get left behind while mid air with a week until the resort opens again...
Verdict: I know what your thinking, with such a catchy tag line this one much be one hell of a ride (ha..) The premise is pretty horrific, being stuck on a chair lift 50(?) feet above ground in the freezing cold with no way to get down to the ground and no food... and it starts off pretty, urrr... realistic. The acting was great, which is important when the main action of the film is shot on a chairlift. However, I have some major issues with this film... Okay, so I watch zombie flicks, monster movies, etc. but somehow I find them more believable (yes, really, I said more believable). Maybe it is because I honestly believe in the idea of a rabies- like virus truning all of man kind into insane, unstoppable cannibals, or maybe it is because we have no preconceived ideas about monsters - nobody knows how they'd act if they existed. There is an element of me who believes in the possibility of the unknown (maybe not monsters exactly but I am pretty convinced my primary school was haunted by a rather obese ghost). Dispite my rather open mind, [SPOILER ALERT!] this film attempts to convince me that on a ski resort that has just been packed with teenagers/ tourists, with a rather large cafeteria and probably plenty of wasted food chucked straight into outside bins as it is going to be closed for the week, there is a pack of psychotic human eating wolves. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that wolves would avoid this human infested resort, even if the humans have left a few hours ago. Also, if they did venture into the slopes I doubt they would pay much attention to snow-board wielding youngsters and head straight for the feast in the bins. There is just no way the wolves would be hungry enough to eat a human who is throwing things at them when they are in a vaguely inhabited area of the country with plenty of surplus food and presumably larger creatures about, such a deer. Plus, the whole intensity of the movie and the terror of being stuck without food or water (not to mention the freezing temperatures!) is horrific enough without the need for adding killer wolves, take 127 Hours for example! Okay, rant over. The movie didn't suck, but the writers should have really thought about this, as we all know the average horror/thriller consumer is not so easily fooled.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sorority Row (Remake)

Director: Stewart Hendler
Country:  USA
Tagline:  The Sisters of Theta Pi Are Dying To Keep a Secret
Plot: A reimagining of the 1980's slasher, The House on Sorority Row. It tells the tale of a sorority prank gone wrong, resulting in the death of their 'sister', and in true slasher style an unknown killer stalks each of the girls for payback.
Verdict:  The film boasts talent like Audrina Patridge and Step Up 2 star Briana Evigan, and was nominated for two, yes TWO, Teen Choice Awards. Why? I really have no idea. This is basically a 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' sort of film, but with even less originality. The premise is weak and it totally rips off a whole list of better slasher stories such as 'Scream' (Spoiler: Another psycho boyfriend? Really? This one doesn't even have a half good reason either), an axe to the bathroom door? Can anybody say 'Here's Johnny?' not to mention the hooded killer, sorority party killings... I could really go on forever and they don't even use these blatent copy cats as a clever homage either! Give it a go if you want to see Audrina Patridge impaled by a tire iron though.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Screaming Dreams

Hello all!

Recently I have started editing and writing/designing for local publishing company Screaming Dreams. They focus on fantasy, sci-fi and of course horror, with an online magazine and various books in print so go and check them out! Hopefully I will be starting a mini comic strip for them... just need to start brainstorming! Screaming Dreams are always looking for new writer and artists to submit to their online magazine so please go ahead and give me and email at

More reviews coming soon - I promise! I just haven't had much time lately, so bear with me guys! x

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (2008)

Director: Paul Ziller
Country:  USA/Canada
Tagline:  It kills in cold blood
Plot:  A bunch of jocks get stranded in the Himalayas near the lair of two carnivorous Yetis.
Verdict:  Wow how can this movie possibly suck? ... yes I know what you are thinking, yetis? Carnivorous yetis? Really. What makes this movie truly abominable is the terrible special effects. These yeti's can LEAP, they also got some Mike Myers mojo going on, they don't die even if you shoot them, set them on fire, skewer them on large wooden stakes and cover them in an avalanche (although, to be fair, the "avalanche" was just the equivalent amount of snow that falls off the garage roof after a heavy downfall, kudos on the use of real avalanche footage though, it made the scene truly believable). Also, the college football team don't really seem to feel the cold... they are prancing around in their little jock jackets like they are having a snowball fight in California. The rabbit they are desperate to eat, despite looking relatively well nourished, seems to look more like chicken, although rabbits may have wings, what do I know? And each person gets a relatively big chunk of the poor little critter, perhaps the animal doubled in size while cooking? The plot holes are endless, I am surprised there isn't a longer list of goofs on imdb, I guess if you listed them all you'd be there all week.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Okay so I have sucked at updating recently... but I promise I have been watching the good, the bad and the most damn right heinous horror movies I could find and I WILL have them all up and reviewed for your pleasure so you can then go out and proceed to find the movies (or avoid the movies) in your local Blockbuster video store (other video rental stores are available...)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Eyed Monster

I came across this gem while browsing through the movie channels late at night, oh how I love you Horror Channel, what did I do before you existed? Obviously didn’t watch Ron Jeremy’s penis detach itself from his body and start on a murderous rampage across a remote porn film set that’s for sure, those were dark days... This film = the mutated grandchild of the thing and alien fathered by a Ron Jeremy. It is quite honestly one of the most riDICKulous (like my pun? Oh hahaha) movies I have ever laid eyes upon, and I am queen of all films stupid.
Still unconvinced? Why the fuck are you reading this blog then?