Friday, April 20, 2012


Okay so I was trailing through Bloody Disgusting and discovered that they are re-mastering and re-releasing this sites namesake film - Demons and Demons 2. PLUS, get this, there is going to be a two part comic series entitled Demons 3. Check out a 5 page preview of the comic on the Bloody Disgusting website (linked above).
Can I just say though... What the actual fuck?

Definite must read.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frozen (2010)

Director: Adam Green
Country: USA
Tagline:  With 30 million skiers and snowboarders in the US and over 5000 chairlifts in operation, its only a matter of time before someone gets left behind
Plot: Three twenty-somethings blag their way onto a chair lift for the last ski of the day, but unluckily get left behind while mid air with a week until the resort opens again...
Verdict: I know what your thinking, with such a catchy tag line this one much be one hell of a ride (ha..) The premise is pretty horrific, being stuck on a chair lift 50(?) feet above ground in the freezing cold with no way to get down to the ground and no food... and it starts off pretty, urrr... realistic. The acting was great, which is important when the main action of the film is shot on a chairlift. However, I have some major issues with this film... Okay, so I watch zombie flicks, monster movies, etc. but somehow I find them more believable (yes, really, I said more believable). Maybe it is because I honestly believe in the idea of a rabies- like virus truning all of man kind into insane, unstoppable cannibals, or maybe it is because we have no preconceived ideas about monsters - nobody knows how they'd act if they existed. There is an element of me who believes in the possibility of the unknown (maybe not monsters exactly but I am pretty convinced my primary school was haunted by a rather obese ghost). Dispite my rather open mind, [SPOILER ALERT!] this film attempts to convince me that on a ski resort that has just been packed with teenagers/ tourists, with a rather large cafeteria and probably plenty of wasted food chucked straight into outside bins as it is going to be closed for the week, there is a pack of psychotic human eating wolves. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that wolves would avoid this human infested resort, even if the humans have left a few hours ago. Also, if they did venture into the slopes I doubt they would pay much attention to snow-board wielding youngsters and head straight for the feast in the bins. There is just no way the wolves would be hungry enough to eat a human who is throwing things at them when they are in a vaguely inhabited area of the country with plenty of surplus food and presumably larger creatures about, such a deer. Plus, the whole intensity of the movie and the terror of being stuck without food or water (not to mention the freezing temperatures!) is horrific enough without the need for adding killer wolves, take 127 Hours for example! Okay, rant over. The movie didn't suck, but the writers should have really thought about this, as we all know the average horror/thriller consumer is not so easily fooled.