Friday, November 15, 2013

Carriers (2009)

Director: David & Alex Pastor
Country: USA
Tagline:  The rules are simple. You break them, you die...
Plot: Four young adults make their way to a beach two of them vacationed at as children during a viral pandemic, hoping for their holiday destination to be a safe haven for them and their friends.
Verdict: Carriers isn't your average outbreak movie, it is gritty and disturbing and focuses more on the relationships between the survivors rather than the virus itself. The virus is a fast acting uncurable discease that appears to literally rot the victim alive, it is very easily spread through any close contact with a carrier, although it doesn't appear to be airborn it can be spread through an infected coughing, etc. The focus of the film, as I mentioned, isn't on the disease so we are left with very little information about it, including how and when it started, how the four survivors managed to escape becoming infected and how long after the outbreak the events of the movie take place. This, however, adds to the intelligence or the film - it is very people focus, like The Walking Dead. An underrated film.