Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (2008)

Director: Paul Ziller
Country:  USA/Canada
Tagline:  It kills in cold blood
Plot:  A bunch of jocks get stranded in the Himalayas near the lair of two carnivorous Yetis.
Verdict:  Wow how can this movie possibly suck? ... yes I know what you are thinking, yetis? Carnivorous yetis? Really. What makes this movie truly abominable is the terrible special effects. These yeti's can LEAP, they also got some Mike Myers mojo going on, they don't die even if you shoot them, set them on fire, skewer them on large wooden stakes and cover them in an avalanche (although, to be fair, the "avalanche" was just the equivalent amount of snow that falls off the garage roof after a heavy downfall, kudos on the use of real avalanche footage though, it made the scene truly believable). Also, the college football team don't really seem to feel the cold... they are prancing around in their little jock jackets like they are having a snowball fight in California. The rabbit they are desperate to eat, despite looking relatively well nourished, seems to look more like chicken, although rabbits may have wings, what do I know? And each person gets a relatively big chunk of the poor little critter, perhaps the animal doubled in size while cooking? The plot holes are endless, I am surprised there isn't a longer list of goofs on imdb, I guess if you listed them all you'd be there all week.

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