Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know, I know...

Sorry for the lack of updates guys... you will soon be privvy to what has been taking up all of my time! (it's pretty damn exciting!)

Okay so if you haven't checked out the new comic series from Image yet, "Revival", do so. I am gutted though as all copies in my CITY, yes it is a CITY yet apparently the 3 comic book shops that reside in said city only collectively sold about 5 copies of issue 2, have SOLD OUT. If anyone could let me know of a reliable website to buy a first edition (none of these reprints please!) issue #2?!
Also, when is the next issue of "No Place Like Home" coming out? i have been waiting like 2 months now.

Enough about comics... movie wise I have not been watching as much horror as usual... I know, I am suprised too! I did, however, see an epic movie. Nay, 2 epic movies, and they shall be reviewed soon.

A little something to leave you with, as in November i am going to see Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in concert (should be a horror-ific show), thank you Bloody Disgusting I don't think I would be half as up to date with horror related loveliness if it weren't for you...

Creepy, eh?

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